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Ann Favreau                   "It’s Okay To Have An Ostomy"
Ann Favreau informs and inspires by sharing her ostomy journey  through prose and poetry. Her touching experiences emphasize IT’S OKAY TO HAVE AN OSTOMY.
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Margaret Jane Jones           "Summer on the Sun-Up"
Historical fiction for middle-grade readers, ages 8-12. A young family on a little ranch is caught up in a big war, WWII. It captures the best of the American spirit. Historical fiction.
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                            "Christmas on the Sun-Up"
A WWII missing-in-action telegram turns Christmas upside-down for 10-year-old Jane and her family living on their cattle ranch—the Sun-Up.
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                         "Spring Time on the Sun-Up"

This is the third book in the series.

In 1944, 11-year-old Jane and her family are caught up in the work on their cattle ranch and, from the home front, World War II.

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           "Sundown on the Sun-Up"

This is the fourth and final book in the series.
In 1945, ranch work on the Sun-Up goes on amidst

the long-awaited end of World War II and

bubblegum problems at school. The family's war

heroes come home to wild welcomes.

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                 "Wild Perfumes from a Winter Wood"
A family treks into a winter wood and brings home a Christmas tree permeated with wild perfumes like the fragrant frankincense of the  first Christmas.
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Kate Nixon                              "The Heirloom Pearls"
A multi-generational novel, set in Louisville, Ky., just before the Civil War, explores how strong women chafe against society’s  constraints and suffer the consequences.
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                           "The  Heirloom Brooch"
The brooch passed to the oldest daughter for as long as anyone could  remember. But it was a fake. Along with the fake crystals came a  strong family tradition that gave strength and courage to each  generation.
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TC Diehl                                 "That One Kiss!"
Upbeat story of a wealthy widower rescues teacher after a kidnapping. 

In spite of different cultures opposition they find true love.
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Diane Gilbert Madsen      "The Conan Doyle Notes"
Lippy DD McGil gets assistance from her bookseller friend and his pet wolf to resolve murder and stalking, all surrounding the question of   whether Conan Doyle discovered the identity of Jack the Ripper.    

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Deborah Robinson                          "Tough Guys"

Deb reveals some of the difficult
lessons she and her family learned
while maneuvering through the
Veterans Affairs system. Deb’s son and
husband suffered very different
illnesses as a result of their military
service. She is determined to spread
awareness of the struggles facing
countless military families.
E-mail Deb at:
and she will send you a copy. $8 per book, includes postage.

Ed N. White                                     Thrillers

  • "Serial Retribution," a novel about government intrigue.
  • "Someone to Love, Again," a novel of intrigue and romance.
  • "Gonna Find Her," the sequel to "Someone."
  • "Adult entertainment", a TJ Tucker thriller.
  • "Rooster's Deadly Game," another TJ Tucker thriller


  • The Upcountry Murder series—The Other Shoe (1), Where There’s Smoke (2), In for a Penny (3).


  • "Taking Care," a novel exploring relationships.                                           Ed says: "All books are fast-paced, dialog driven with interesting characters and intriguing plots. Descriptions and free samples on"

Available at:, Kindle eBooks. "Adult Entertainment" and "Rooster's Deadly Game" also available at Copperfish Books, Punta Gorda. -Ed N. White

Priscilla Watkins                                     "Bait Shop"

A satire about a slimy gambling mob trying to swindle river-side fishermen and Native Americans in good-ole-boy Florida. When greedy mobsters meet county corruption, cash is the bait. When that fails to impress, legal tricks and vandalism ensue. But the mob and its allies didn't count on facing savvy Indians and ex-Marines, or one feisty female, a Hollywood screenwriter on vacation.

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Lorraine Harrison                   
"The Noncomittal Reader,                                                    Quick Stories for Busy People"
Expect the unexpected with these fictional
genre-crossing stories. Fun, thrilling,
mysterious, bizarre, and imaginative
plots await. 

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In a post-Trump world, perhaps we can begin to recover those attributes that had made the United States a truly exceptional nation. These columns diagnose many of our problems. Let us hope the new generation can find the right solutions.

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Ginger Kuenzel                                                         "Downtown"

Come along on a visit to the lakeside

hamlet of Downtown in New York's

Adirondack Mountains. Find out how

the town got its name, and meet

some of the quirky characters who

live there.

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Read along with the author's version of why a family gathering is all she needs for fodder to create her prose.  Eighteen short stories, including her own eulogy, will prove to be a quick and entertaining read. E-mail Deb at:
to request a copy.

​​​​​Lina Decrescenzo                        "Love the Missing Word"
Differences for many years, took mother and daughter apart but ultimately they wanted from each other the same thing -- to be accepted for the persons they were.

                                     "In the Dead Heart"

The authors recount of the wonderful experiences while volunteering in Chad, Africa, nicknamed "the dead heart" of Africa because of its geographical position. Despite its nickname, Chad is a country alive and the hearts of the people continue beating to overcome the odds.

"The Fire of the Shanty"

Riana and Rene's love story and their hard work to make their dream of a better life come true. Their happiness is complete when Tea, their beloved daughter, is born. But a horrible curse pending on them soon shatters their world.

"Stepping on the High Land"

Decades of international aid, in forms of food, money, and workers aimed to relieve Third World countries from poverty, is not reaching its goal. The author's service in Africa as a nurse taught, helped and saved a few people, but it has been like a drop of water in a vast desert of poverty.


Yesterday, I had opinions that were merely thoughts based on little bad data. Today, my opinions are rooted in real experiences of life, expressing understanding of the world and its problems, but do they conflict with yours?

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Priscilla Watkins                                 "Caroline of Kumasi"

Set in the first half of the 19th century in the Danish West Indies on the island of St. Croix, the historical novel tells the story of a young, proud girl sold into slavery in Kumasi on the West Coast of Africa and bought by the owner of Lime Tree, a small sugar cane plantation.

Book available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 360 pages, $17.95.

David Metcalf                        "Rockland Point Revelations"
If it weren't for a place called Rockland Point and a place called Mar'anadap and people named Hamilton Forbes, Lescontis, Manny and Maria DeMello, a very special event may never have taken place.

A science fiction novel available at

​Harry T. Barnes                                       "She Called Him Jim"
A true story about my grandparents' tortured

childhoods and serendipitous
meeting at a girl's reform school in 1909.

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                                      "The Barnes Bridge"

The second book about my grandparents, Ida and Jim

Barnes, begins with Ida’s and Jim’s heartbreaking

departure from Baltimore City in 1919, after the death

of their fourth child. It’s about the anguish of their

move to Appalachia, Granddad’s first day in a coal

mine, the family’s struggles, their near-death experiences, and how they finally found a new home.  Available at


                         "Condo Capers"
A collection of short stories,  "Condo Capers" are

mystery stories set in the imaginary Florida

Gulf Coast village of Slash Pine.

Available at

Lorraine Harrison                                              "Grip of Change"

"Grip of Change" is an action/adventure tale

about hard choices, personal growth and trust.

Romance and danger are in the mix as a

complacent housewife disappears, and family

members become caught in a "Grip of Change."

Their lives will never be the same.

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Writers Guild, Inc.

Cary Brunswick

"600 Days"

A novel of the late 1960s, with all that you might expect: Politics, sex, drugs, music and revolution.

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Deborah Robinson                                "A Girl From Pinnebog"


Margaret Jane Jones
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