Suncoast Writers Guild

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​​Suncoast Writers Guild (SWG) continually seeks out opportunities to learn, grow and give back to our community while maintaining our four founding principles, which encourage members to develop their own skills and support other writers.  

Some examples of our community involvement include:

* Local Author Bookshelf: The 
Elsie Quirk Library in Englewood has two dedicated shelves for local authors. Once one of our member’s books has been accepted, it is entered into the library system where patrons can discover their work.

Writers on the Air, WKDW-FM 97.5: Our authors and poets read their work on the air and are offered an opportunity to promote their books. The show broadcasts live via its Facebook page on Tuesday evenings and is broadcast on the radio Sunday afternoons.

* Island Walk: Art in the Afternoon Program: Island Walk, a private community in Venice, offers our members the chance to participate in their program. Artists create works of art; writers compose a story about the art piece and read it before a live audience.

Venice Annual Book Fair: SWG hosts a table at this event, where visitors can learn more about our Guild, and our members have an opportunity to promote their books.

* Local Author Book Displays: Our members have been afforded opportunities to promote their books through special displays at libraries in Venice and in Englewood.  The next display will take place in November 2022 at the
Frances T Bourne Jacaranda Public Library in Venice.

Charlotte County edition of Florida Weekly Newspaper: Many of our authors participate in this newspaper's annual writing challenge. Read an award-winning stories by one of our members: Gonna Find Her. Read more about the contest

* Artists and Poets Contest at the
Englewood Art Center: Our poets compose a poem about works of art created by local artists create a work of art. The winning poem is posted beside the artwork.

* Local Fairs and Festivals. Over the years, our guild has participated in several fairs and festivals in a variety of ways. Our Little Band of Writers has performed music at different venues, some of our SWG members have written and produced plays, while others wrote clues for the Lemon Bay Festival scavenger hunt.

* Local School Poetry Contests: To encourage young poets, SWG contributes financially to the Englewood Elementary School Poetry Contest and the Lemon Bay High School Poetry Shout Out. Our members also work as volunteers for the events.

* Denny Girard Youth Writing Contest: To support young writers, SWG is working with the Elsie Quirk Library to develop a youth contest, slated to launch in the spring of 2023.

* The Hermitage Artist Retreat: One of our members is the designated liaison between Suncoast Writers Guild and this organization, which hosts award-winning writers, musicians and authors.