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      The Guild writers are an eclectic mix of beginning, intermediate and seasoned writers representing many genres – authors, poets, essayists, journalists and others – from a variety of professional backgrounds.

   Over the last few months our members: have been featured in the Lions Club, won a Royal Palm Gold Award from the Florida Writers Association, was nominated for two Pushcart prizes by Kallis and Gaia Presses, won a Lifetime Achievement Award for their Aquarium books from the World Pet Association, and had a book series picked up for publication by Histria Books.


   The Mid-County Regional Library in Port Charlotte is offering interview opportunities to local authors that it then posts on YouTube.
   So far, several members have taken the library up on its offer. Check them out by clicking onto YouTube, then typing in: #library #CharlotteCountyFl #localspotlight, ode to local writers.

By Kate Nixon

   It was an honor to compile this history of the Suncoast Writers Guild.


   When I volunteered to write it, I did not have a plan as  to the final form. But when I began the research, a shape and a possible format materialized.      

   My plan was to:
a) provide an early history of the guild and its members;
b) recognize those who guided the guild through its growth and their written work;
c) capture the writings and contributions of the present membership;
d) summarize with a timeline that showcased the guild and its members each year. Since we have been gifted with many prolific writers through the past 25 years, I decided to spotlight a
member’s first publication in the timeline.
   Thanks to past and present members who have shared their memories and experiences.
You made this history happen. Though it is in no way complete, I offer this work as a glimpse
into the Guild-past, present, and future.

   Editor Camille Cline gave a presentation on self-editing to the Suncoast Writers Guild at Elsie Quirk Library in December, 2019.
Here is a PDF of her presentation.