By Kate Nixon

   It was an honor to compile this history of the Suncoast Writers Guild.

   When I volunteered to write it, I did not have a plan as  to the final form. But when I began the research, a shape and a possible format materialized.      

   My plan was to:
a) provide an early history of the guild and its members;
b) recognize those who guided the guild through its growth and their written work;
c) capture the writings and contributions of the present membership;
d) summarize with a timeline that showcased the guild and its members each year. Since we have been gifted with many prolific writers through the past 25 years, I decided to spotlight a
member’s first publication in the timeline.
   Thanks to past and present members who have shared their memories and experiences.
You made this history happen. Though it is in no way complete, I offer this work as a glimpse
into the Guild-past, present, and future.

The Guild's History

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INKLINGS 2019, a publication of works by Suncoast Writers Guild members, is now available at

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Editor Camille Cline gave a presentation on self-editing to the Suncoast Writers Guild at Elsie Quirk Library in December, 2019.
Here is a PDF of her presentation.

** Writers on the Air, hosted by Lori (Loretta) Martin, on WKDW, 97.5 fm. All writers are invited to read their stories and meet other writers. Recorded at 3 p.m. Sundays at Common Grounds meeting hall in North Port. Contact WKDW for more information. 941-564-8739.