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Suncoast Writers Guild


Our members also publish in newspapers, community newsletters, magazines, and literary journals. Our Facebook page ​has news from our members about writing activities, recently published works and awards they have won.  

INKLINGS  is Suncoast Writers Guild's biannual anthology

of works by our members.

Available on Amazon.

Margaret Jane Jones  (Blog)

Summer on the Sun-Up; Christmas on the Sun-Up; Springtime on the Sun-Up; Sundown on the Sun-Up; Wild Perfumes from a Winter Wood 

Available on Amazon    

Ann Favreau                   
It’s Okay To Have An Ostomy;  Cancer to Caring; Wonder-Filled Places; A Poetic Journey of Faith; Window Eyes  
Available on Amazon

Deborah Robinson

Tough Guys; A Girl from Pinnebog

Email Deb at to order; ​$8 per book, includes postage)

Ed N. White

Miss Demeanor, by Celia J. - The Case of the Long Blonde Hair; The Case of the Crooked Cat and The Case of the Clumsy Clown coming soon. 

Available from HistriaBooks and other major booksellers.


Lorraine Harrison
The Noncomittal Reader,  Quick Stories for Busy People; Grip of Change 

Available on Amazon

Harry T. Barnes (Website)

She Called Him Jim; The Barnes Bridge; Condo Capers

​Available on Amazon

Ginger Henry Kuenzel (Website)

Lake George Reflections; Downtown - Hilarious Tales from a Fictional Adirondack Town

Available on Amazon

Brunswick (Website)

​600 Days; Thoughts for a New Century - Columns 1999-2018; Buncombe Road and Other Stories

Available on Amazon

Lina Decrescenzo
Love, the Missing Word; In the Dead Heart; The Fire of the Shanty; Stepping on the High Land; Opinions; I, the Killer
Available on Amazon

Priscilla Watkins
The Bait Shop; Caroline of Kumasi

Available on Amazon

T.C. Diehl
​That One Kiss!; Visions & Vows; The Thursday Afternoon Dance Social at Fat Willie's Fish Camp: and a dozen other Florida stories; The Artful Dodgers & the Cupcake Cop

Available on Amazon