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The Suncoast Writers Guild is proud to be associated with the Florida Writers Association.

The Suncoast Writers Guild, Inc.

​​There are no General Meetings June through September.

FRIDAY, July 12
Poetry Pod —10:30 a.m. —Englewood Art Center.
Prompt for those who would like one:  A Silent Place

Long Writers Workshop — Elsie Quirk Library — 10 a.m.

Those interested in publication of longer (more than 25,000 words), professionally published works meet from 10 a.m.—12:30. Facilitator is Lina Decrescenzo.

Reading/Workshop — Elsie Quirk Library — 10:30 a.m.

Members may bring some of their written work to read aloud.
Note: You may read up to 2 poems OR up to 1,000 words from a prose work, within five minutes. Please bring 15 to 20 copies for others to follow along.

* If you have any suggestions for speakers for our general meetings, please contact us.